WELCOMe TO AL Manar Ayurvedic center

About Us

Al Manar Ayurvedic Center is a pioneering health facility in Sharjah UAE, providing higher treatments in the ancient Indian system of medicine, Ayurveda. Al Manar Ayurvedic Center started operations in Sharjah in 2004 and has a tradition of providing Ayurvedic remedies, both curative and therapeutic. Al Manar Ayurvedic center is maintained by skilled specialists who have knowledge and expertise in ancient ayurvedic methods. This professional institution is registered with the Dubai Health Authority and is formed of a team of licensed doctors (both male and female) and Ayurvedic therapists. We have separate wings for men and women, and we also provide valet parking. We have a wide and varied patient population from different nations.
This facility provides alternative therapies as well as all of the required facilities and conventions for the natural system of healing and revitalization. We also provide Ayurvedic therapies of all different types, which include slimming therapies, herbal beauty care, preventive methods for degenerative and autoimmune diseases, disease-specific treatments and medicines, Ayurvedic ophthalmology, stress management, personalized changes in lifestyle, hair and skincare therapies, and body type analysis. The aim of the center is to help individuals tune their lives in a natural way using the right blend of Ayurvedic practices.